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Market cap

$ 26.6K

Current supply: 1B ElonHype



Launched 6 months ago

What is ElonHype?

ElonHype is a new token that will grow with every Elon Musk tweet.

For every Elon tweet hundreds of coins are launched 99.9% of which are scam and only a few make 100x.

The concept behind ElonHype is that you don't have to look for new hype coins, just be with us. We are a completely legit development team that will take care of your profits. We are not a one-day token and our task is to gather a strong community interested in token development.

ElonHype - it's main token. For every new Elon Musk tweet, we will make our own hype token with rewards in ElonHype.

ElonHype Tokenomics:

— 3% Auto liquidity.

— 4% Marketing

— 4% New coin development

New HypeTokens Tokenomics:

— 2% Auto liquidity

— 5% Rewards main token ElonHype

— 5% Marketing

Marketing of each new token will be maximum. We will be doing the following Floki and Grimacecoin. Our community will not only make money from new coins coming out, but also just by holding the main ElonHype token.


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Market cap

$ 26.6K

Current supply

1B ElonHype

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