FreshCoins audit & KYC service

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We provide from 24h to 48h audit turnaround.

Our process

Knowing our working process

Our stylish, light and easy-to-read project audits review the code, team, website and social media and come with a Clean Certificate.

Manual Analysis

Simulated Tests


Audit Report

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Audit methodology

Reliable, fast, secure and cost-effective!


Solidity Assessment

Simulations and reviewal line-by-line by our experts to identify the back-door vulnerability or any other issue.



To suggest improvements, first we identify security errors, performance issues and breaches in the code.



Transparent reporting of the smart contract assessment.



Receive AUDIT badge on FreshCoins and the final security score.

KYC verification

Transparency to your community

KYC verification certificate notifies that the mentioned project has been virtually verified by FreshCoins.

FreshCoins had gathered and verified at least (1) government-issued photo identification from the mentioned developer / owner along with personal email address, phone number and a portrait video to verify the identity.


Identity verification

Owner(s) will provide their personal identification and verification video.


Project verification

The project will be verified by FreshCoins getting the KYC Badge and the document on our platform.


Legal questions

In case of rug-pull, honeypot or scam act we will reveal their identities to official authority.

Certified audit partners

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