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Launched 28 days ago


What is GrumpyCat?

GrumpyCat | $Grumpy

Stand with Grumpy. The ultimate antidote to the woke madness.

Launch date to be Announced

Please head over to Telegram to stay updated about the launch date.

Tired of woke culture taking over? Grumpy too. That's why Grumpy is flipping the script. Grumpy is putting the power back where it belongs: in your hands. Join the resistance, join the revolution.

Get your pre-sale spot through their new TG bot app, trusted team with good previous track record 👇

🚨 Airdrop: Grumpy ($GRUMPY)

🔥 Reward: Farm unlimited tokens until token launch + receive a pre-sale spot

📅 Pre-sale date: May 22

🚀 Distribution: TBA

ℹ️ Grumpy Farm Link: (

ℹ️ Website: (

🔘 Start Telegram Bot App

🔘 Complete all the tasks

🔹 All valid participants will get their farmed tokens airdropped

🔹 Farm at least 2500 tokens and refer 3 friends to receive a pre-sale spot for $GRUMPY

🔹Fairlaunch, No taxes, No woke BS


Token Supply: 17,760,000.000

No Taxes, LP Burned!

Presale: 35%

Liquidity: 30%

DEX: 15%

Marketing: 15%

Team: 5%

How to Buy $Grumpy?

- Create a Wallet

- Get Some ETH

- Go to Uniswap

- Switch ETH for Grumpy


Step 1: Launch

Launch Grumpy like a boss, spreading the word faster than a viral cat video.

Step 2: Meme Adoption

Flood the internet with memes about Grumpy, making it the hottest topic since "Pepe" went mainstream.

Step 3: Moon Landing

Watch as Grumpy skyrockets to the moon, leaving behind all the doubters in a cloud of dust. HODL tight and enjoy the ride!

This token is simply paying homage to a meme we all love Grumpy is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.


This project is in presale phase. Contract announced later.

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May 22nd, 2024

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May 22nd, 2024

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