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USDF Digital


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What is USDF Digital?

USDF is the token for the economic NFT game Baby Inu. At the moment, a free distribution of tokens is being carried out in order to recruit our army of holders.

What is Baby Inu NFT game: The Baby Inu NFT game is a rare NFT collection of 10,000 Baby Inu tokens. Each NFT token has its own advantage. After opening the game, by purchasing an NFT token from OpenSea, you will receive a secret key that activates NFT in your personal account in the game. Each NFT character mines a certain amount of USDF tokens daily until you sell your NFT to OpenSea. The more USDF tokens a certain NFT character mines, the higher the cost in OpenSea.

The value of the USDF token will eventually grow from $ 0.3 to $ 15 for one USDF token, thanks to the development and scaling of the economic NFT game Baby Inu. We wish you all the best in future project.


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